Credit Recognition for Credit-Seeking Mobility

Information on the courses and associated credits offered by partner institutions may be found on the partner programme websites, and the links can be found on the HEED-Africa project website.

The applicant must discuss the proposed study plan with the Local Operative Units (LOUs) contact persons and Head of Department at the home institution and receive a written endorsement and statement indicating which home credit exemptions will be granted for the mobility.

This statement must accompany confirmation of degree enrollment and be uploaded to the application website.

Credit-seeking mobility will only be considered and awarded if such an endorsement has been obtained.

Credit-seeking students will receive a transcript from the host institution stating the completed courses, and the home institution will grant recognition of courses taken during the mobility and exemption from home courses as per the statement from the home institution’s LOUs contact persons and Head of Department.

For degree-seeking mobility, the period of mobility corresponds to the full curriculum at the hosting institution.

Full academic recognition will be given by the home institution for the study period spent in the hosting institution. Besides, for doctoral mobility, direct contact will be established between the student’s home supervisor and the potential supervisor at the host university during the application process.

A letter of confirmation/recommendation written by faculty members of the host university indicating the acceptance and commitment to support the individual mobility will be asked before application.

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Funded by the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme Of the European Union

Supported by the African Union

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