Mr. Amsalu Kesete

Mr Amsalu currently works as a Lecturer and the Head of the Centre for Testing, Training and Consultancy at College of Business and Economics, Addis Ababa University. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Addis Ababa University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Addis Ababa University. He is also a certified project management expert. Mr. Amsalu has been working and serving Addis Ababa University and the society at large in a number of capacities including as the Head of the Centre for Testing, Training and Consultancy, Coordinator of the Postgraduate Programmes, Managing Director of a national Development Research Consultancy PLC, Partnership Specialist of Ethiopia Climate Innovation Center, World Bank, and other capacities. He is also a member of several University-wide Committees.

He has more than 11 years of practical experience in project development and management with on hand professional works in teaching, research, consultancy and rigorous know-how of the higher education sector. He has managed and successfully executed a wide range of complex and large-scale development projects for government authorities and non-governmental, bilateral and multilateral organizations.

You can reach Mr Amsalu through his email:

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