Dr Stephen Kasumba

Dr Stephen Kasumba holds a PhD in Accounting from the University of Essex, UK. He is the Dean, School of Management and Entrepreneurship of Kyambogo University. Stephen has a special interest in entrepreneurship training and research and he is currently working on policy research on entrepreneurship and job creation as learning outcomes for the young generation to inform policymakers on the strategic directions to mitigate the high unemployment among young graduates, especially in developing countries.

Stephen has spearheaded the establishment of an Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre at Kyambogo University, which, inter alia, will be involved in mentoring of university students into entrepreneurship training and research for job creation and sustainable development. He is also working with the University of Arizona in the United States on social entrepreneurship training and research. In addition, he is working with StartHub Africa, an NGO organisation working with Universities in Africa to mentor youths into innovations and entrepreneurship as a precursor for job and wealth creation.

You can reach Dr Stephen through his email: kyambogo@heed-africa.org

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