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Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop and implement a harmonised entrepreneurship education ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa through enhanced academic mobility across five regional higher education institutions.

Our Vision

To fund scholarship of African students into African Institutions by producing 117 master’s students, doctorate students, & academic and administrative staff by the end of the project’s duration. 

Our Values & Objectives

The Harmonization of Entrepreneurship Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (HEED-Africa) project strives to foster the development of student and staff academic exchange through a systematic academic mobility flows framework in joint study, researches, academic activities, mobility agreements across five regional higher education institutions. The main objective of HEED-Africa is to develop and implement harmonized knowledge ecosystems in entrepreneurship through embedding entrepreneurship education in the thematic fields of business, administration and law, through this enhance individual capacities and institutional capabilities for entrepreneurship education delivery in sub-Saharan Africa. It also aims to create the learning conditions that make it easy for tutors and students alike to increase their ability as graduates to become job creators rather than job seekers, thereby promote sustainable development and ultimately contribute to poverty reduction in Africa.

Heed-Africa was selected as one of the European Commission partners that will deploy and execute the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme within Africa. The HEED-Africa research projects are expected to provide unique empirical insights into inter-institutional processes for harmonising entrepreneurship programmes through joint publications and conferences papers. Overall, it supports the development of a more harmonized pedagogy for teaching, researching and transferability of entrepreneurship education best practices for graduate employment across the continent. Our core objectives include the following:

About Us
Education for Africa
Reinforce the roles of African higher education institutions in general as catalysts for socio-economic development.
Increase Access
Increase access to quality higher education by enabling students, academics and staffs to benefit culturally and professionally.
About Us
Socio-Economic Mobility
Stimulate socio-economic mobility through harmonised entrepreneurship education to reduce poverty and mobilise the entrepreneurial potential of graduate students.
About Us
entrepreneurial education
Promote increased adoption of entrepreneurship education in the higher education sub-sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

How We Achieve these?

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Project Team
About Us
Our Partners
About Us

Funded by the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme Of the European Union

Supported by the African Union

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